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Houston Rockets Lose For Second Time in Less Than a Week to Grizzlies

By Andre Cantalogo

The Houston Rockets entered the night desperately in need of a win and had the perfect opponent in the Memphis Grizzlies who had beat them just 6 days ago. But once again the Rockets fell short following an atrocious fourth quarter.

The highlight of the game was Ty Lawson’s 2 minutes of playing time and the team’s 0 field-goals on the first (?) 10 minutes of the fourth quarter. Here’s a look at the final score and player grades:

93. 169. 102. 211.

Rockets Player Grades

If there is a word for <a href=. SF. Houston Rockets. TREVOR ARIZA. B-

Houston Rockets. TERRENCE JONES. D-. Not counting the <em>vicious </em>block on Marc Gasol in the first minutes of the game, <a href=. PF

C. Houston Rockets. DWIGHT HOWARD. C. More active on the offensive end today, but still not enough. The Rockets keep passing on the opportunity to use one of the most dominant centers in the NBA inside the paint. Outside of alley-oops, <a href=

Houston Rockets. JASON TERRY. C+. It looks as if <a href=. G

JAMES HARDEN. A. <a href=. SG. Houston Rockets

Best Reserve

C. Houston Rockets. CLINT CAPELA. B. To whom it may concern: <a href=

Best Opponent:

B+. <a href=. SF. Memphis Grizzlies. JEFF GREEN

Next up the Houston Rockets will play the NBA’s worst team as they get ready to host the Philadelphia 76ers Friday night. Given the Rockets current form let’s hope the Sixers don’t choose to end that streak as versus Clutch City.

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