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Giving Thanks For The Houston Rockets

By John Bauer

Coming off another loss Houston Rockets are searching for things to be thankful for.

And, about this time of the day, you’re more than likely in a food coma. I know I will be.

What better day for a food coma than Thanksgiving? So while you power through another plate of food, let me tell you what I’m thankful for when it comes to the Houston Rockets.

First off, I’m thankful for Hakeem Olajuwon, my all-time favorite basketball player.

I’m thankful for Charles Barkley being traded to the Rockets. Although he won no titles in his time here, it’s still pretty cool to have had three top-50 all-time greats on the same team.

I’m thankful for Steve Francis not wanting to go to the then-Vancouver Grizzles and ending up in Houston.

I’m thankful for Tracy McGrady and his ability to score: 13 points in 35 seconds isn’t easy.

Yao Ming  for helping Houston become more global.

Moochie Norris and his awesome hair.

The 2008 22-game winning streak. Big-time thanks to Oklahoma City for basically giving away James Harden and that sweet, sweet beard.

I’m thankful for Kobe Bryant: Without him, Dwight Howard would still be a Laker.

I’m thankful for the Clippers’ blowing a 3-1 lead against Houston last season.

Overall, I’m just thankful to be a Rockets fan; whether they are good or bad, they are always there for you in the fall, winter, spring, and (if we’re lucky) part of our summers.

Thank you Houston for all that you do for us as fans.

If I may, I’d also like to give thanks to my family and friends, especially my two beautiful kids Colin and Sophia. Daddy loves you. Also to all the great writers here at Space City Scoop, thank you for the opportunity to share my love for the Houston Rockets.

To all the fans and readers: Without you guys, none of this is possible. From everyone here at Space City, have a wonderful holiday and be safe.

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