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Marcus Thornton Ignites Houston Rockets to Overtime Win Over Knicks

By Andre Cantalogo

The Houston Rockets had revenge on their minds as they traveled to New York to play the Knicks and fought back to take the game to overtime where they notched their 7th win.

The Rockets caught a break with Carmelo Anthony out due to an illness. For the first time this season the Rockets, point guard Ty Lawson didn’t play a single minute. The Rockets came back from a terrible first half and took the game to overtime eventually winning the affair. Here’s the final score and player grade performances.

. 116. 169. 111. 27

Rockets Player Grades

Houston Rockets. TREVOR ARIZA. C+. An uncharacteristically quiet game for Ariza. He had a highlight right in the beginning when he hammered a one-hand dunk on <a href=. SF

CLINT CAPELA. A-. It’s just a pleasure seeing<a href=. C. Houston Rockets

F. Although Capela is taking advantage of his pairing with <a href=. C. Houston Rockets. DWIGHT HOWARD

JAMES HARDEN. C. James Harden couldn’t find his shot throughout the game. He insists on continuing with silly one-on-one plays dribbling almost until the shot clock expires and then loses the ball. He was 0 for 7 from the three-point line and Arron Afflalo took him to school tonight. 26 points 9 assists for the Beard.. SG. Houston Rockets

<a href=. PG. Houston Rockets. PATRICK BEVERLEY. B-

Best Reserve

B+. The entire Rockets bench was preposterous so finding the best reserve was easy: I went with Marcus Thornton. He is getting big minutes again and was responsible for that big three that sent the game to overtime and made all his 18 points in the fourth quarter and overtime.. F. Houston Rockets. MARCUS THORNTON

Best Opponent:

A+. Last time at Toyota Center, rookie Kristaps Porzingis performance drew a lot of attention, but even then I thought Afflalo had a better overall game. On this game though there is absolutely no doubt that Arron had the upper hand: he was in the zone. Every time the Rockets managed to cut down Knicks’ lead there was Afflalo knocking down a three-pointer, passing the ball to an open teammate, working Harden on the post. The Rockets had no answer for him. 31 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists for Afflalo.. SG. New York Knicks. ARRON AFFLALO

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