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Lack of Effort Costs Houston Rockets Game vs. Detroit Pistons

By Andre Cantalogo

The Houston Rockets went to Motown to face the Detroit Pistons at the Palace looking to extend their win streak to three games. The highlight or low light of the game was an overall ridiculous and shameful presentation by Clutch City’s squad in the first half against the NBA’s worst shooting team. In the end, the performance of the Piston stars (specifically Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson) out shone the Rockets as they easily snapped their losing streak.

Whether the team was fatigued from last night’s overtime game or just had an unfortunate night it’s hard to figure out. What’s plainly evident once again is the Rockets quizzical habit of just “forgetting about it” when things gets tough.

Here is the final score and player grades.

105. 169. 116. 64.

Rockets Player Grades

Even <a href=. SF. Houston Rockets. TREVOR ARIZA. F

C+. Another solid performance from <a href=. C. Houston Rockets. CLINT CAPELA

DWIGHT HOWARD. F. <a href=. C. Houston Rockets

D. A Laughable performance from last year’s MVP runner up for three quarters. He is absolutely not even trying to play on defense this year.<p><strong>I’m of the opinion that if Harden keeps insisting on silly plays on the offensive end then he should just hand the ball to the opponents instead</strong>. That way at least it wouldn’t generate so many fast breaks. Perhaps he was fatigued from last night’s OT win against the Knicks, perhaps it was just an off night. What’s unforgivable though is the lack of effort from <a href=. SG. Houston Rockets. JAMES HARDEN

Houston Rockets. PATRICK BEVERLEY. B-. The one player that brought intensity to the game. <a href=. PG

Best Reserve

B+. Can you believe that? One day after having his first DNP, <a href=. PG. Houston Rockets. TY LAWSON

Best Opponent:

Another great performance from one of the top 5 players of the season. Andre Drummond is unbelievable; he bails out every single player from the team by grabbing offensive rebounds after they miss their shots. He dominates the paint, he intimidates the opponent making them change shots, he clears the lanes for <a href=. C. Detroit Pistons. ANDRE DRUMMOND. A+

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