NBA Power Ranking Lists: How Pundits Rank Houston Rockets Week 7

By Tamberlyn Richardson

The lists for week 7 of the 2015-16 season in the books and with that the new NBA Power Ranking lists are out, so lets take a look at where the Houston Rockets were ranked.

Week 7 was another winning week for the Rockets as they lost the opening game to the Nets and then beat the Wizards and Lakers.

Here’s the updated NBA Power Ranking Lists of how the pundits rank the Houston Rockets for week six:

John Schuhmann of raises the Rockets to 18th, three spots higher than the previous week. Full week 7 list. Schuhmann joins most of the pundits in being wary of believing the Rockets can be trusted to continue winning. Still, he makes a valid point in highlighting the Rockets have had the second best offense since Thanksgiving. Now if they can get their defense improved or put together some solid victories against the top teams on tap in late December, early January perhaps we’ll begin feeling stronger about moving them above the middle ground of the Association.

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Matt Moore of CBS like many pundits is confused by who this team is though he does move them from 17 to 15, he’s just not sure he can trust they deserve it! Complete list.

Marc Stein ESPN from the beginning Stein seems to have (even without directly stating so) felt a turn around for the Rockets is coming. This week he got what he was calling for and moved the Rockets up to 18th, like his counterparts this represents a 7 rung leap. Full List.

And finally we turn to Jeremy Woo’s Sports Illustrated complete Week 7 list, he moves the Rockets up 1 spot from last week.

That wraps up the National Media NBA Power Ranking Lists for Week 7 of the season. My list will be up later this week. What are your thoughts on how the pundits ranked the Rockets? Let us know in the comments section below.

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