Forbes Lists Houston Rockets as 8th Most Valuable Franchise

By Joshua Van Horn

In their annual list of most valuable NBA franchises, Forbes has placed the Houston Rockets as the 8th most valuable franchise at $1.5 billion.

At the top of Forbes’ list are the New York Knicks ($3B) and the Los Angeles Lakers ($2.7B).  The least valuable franchise is the New Orleans Pelicans ($650M).

After making it to last season’s Western Conference finals, the Rockets have seen a 20% increase in value since this time last year.

While a 20% increase is impressive, the defending champion Golden State Warriors had the most drastic increase in value at 46%, making them the sixth most valuable franchise in the league at $1.9B.

#Forum Forbes values Rockets at 1.5B, 8th in the league

— Rockets Fans (@RocketsViews) January 20, 2016

According to Kurt Badenhousen of Forbes, “The average NBA franchise is now worth $1.25 billion, up 13% over last year on the heels of a 74% gain the previous year after the national media deals were completed.”

It’s a good time for NBA owners as the value of franchises increase. As individual teams make financial gains, the league does better as a whole.  Fruits of the NBA’s recent success can be seen in the league’s 2014 TV deals with ESPN and TNT, along with Nike’s agreement to take over the outfitting of NBA uniforms.

As good as a time it is for NBA owners, it’s also a great time to be an NBA fan. With networks like NBATV, fans of the game are able to catch a game just about every night of the week.

As the NBA grows more successful each year, hopefully the Houston Rockets will follow the same trend. Who knows, by this time next year the Rockets may see the same 46% increase the Warriors saw this past year. First, though, they’ll have to win a championship.

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