Houston Rockets: Kevin McHale Stunned He Was Fired

By Joshua Van Horn

The Houston Rockets entertaining loss to the Golden State Warriors last night was overshadowed by the fact that former Rockets head coach Kevin McHale filled in as a guest analyst on Inside the NBA on TNT.

Despite making it to last season’s Western Conference finals, Rockets management decided to let go of coach McHale early on in the season after the Rockets got off to a slow 4-7 start.

Regarding his firing, McHale said he was “surprised” before offering somewhat of an explanation as to why the Rockets struggled early, saying, “We had a rough camp…Dwight couldn’t do back-to-back practices…James had sprained his ankle in the summer, came in overweight“.

When I first read McHale’s remarks I thought he was throwing some of the players under the bus. After watching video of McHale making the comments, however, I didn’t have any problem with what he said. I would imagine that both James Harden and Dwight Howard would agree with McHale in that injuries throughout training camp had something to do with the Rockets’ poor start.

McHale: "I wish I was there. I feel I could get (it) turned around. I watch them play & I know in my heart that's a better than 27-27 team."

— ClutchFans (@clutchfans) February 10, 2016

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When asked if it was hard for him to watch the Rockets, McHale responded, “I wish I was there. I feel I could get (it) turned around. I watch them play & I know in my heart that’s a better than 27-27 team“.

Not much has changed since McHale was fired. The Rockets currently sit at eighth in the West with a .500 record, and a loss tonight against Portland would push the Rockets down to ninth.

Make sure to watch the Houston Rockets as they take on the Portland Trailblazers at 10:30 ET tonight on ESPN.

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