Houston Rockets Video Diary – Media Day: Clint Capela

By Tamberlyn Richardson

Media day offered insight from several Houston Rockets players  like Clint Capela who offered his views  on filling Howard’s shoes.  SCS video diary series offers the highlights from these sessions.

Notable comments from Clint Capela’s press interview session were as follows.

May 6, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets center Clint Capela (15) in game two of the second round of the NBA Playoffs against the Los Angeles Clippers at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Regarding New Role:

Asked about Daryl Morey’s comments: for the Rockets to make a deep run he (Capela) needs to step up and play at a high level. Capela  agreed.

Specifically Capela cited the areas he needed to improve:

  • Defense
  • To be more Vocal
  • Take up more space in the paint.
  • Free Throws
  • Post up Game

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Weaknesses he cited that he worked on were:

  • Use of his strong hand
  • Mid range shot
  • Conditioning while also adding bulk

Improved his free throw shooting via confidence and consistency (how he shoots). Asked if his issues were technical or mental, Capela responded it was very little on form and more on consistency and confidence.

What he learned from Dwight Howard:

  • To be more vocal on defense
  • To be a better help defender
  • Be intense on defense and make sure to talk so he himself gets back up when he moves to help a teammate.

Asked if its daunting to fill Howard’s shoes, Capela said of course but he is excited and embraces the role.

Becoming the Next Great Rockets Big:

  • One reporter reminded Clint Capela of the history of great centers in franchise history like Moses Malone, Hakeem Olajuwon and Dwight Howard.
  • Capela is excited to become the next in this line of impressive bigs. He embraced the challenge and didn’t shy away from the work required to prove he deserved the spot.
  • Worked hard all summer so he would win the starting role
  • Feels Nene will be a perfect tutor for him and help to grow his game via his experience.
  • Has gained weight for the daily grind. Says he gained 10 or 12 pounds of muscle, but also worked on his cardio.

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