Training Camp Video Diary – Mike D’Antoni

By Tamberlyn Richardson

Training camp  has begun for the Houston Rockets, and with that video sessions commence. New Head Coach Mike D’Antoni spoke with the media following the September 24th practice.

Notable comments from new head coach Mike D’Antoni from the Houston Rockets practice

session were as follows.

  • As a whole the team and individual players are fired up and ready to play.
  • Mike D’Antoni commented much of the drills on the court is five on zero for now.
  • That said, the team will progress to five on five scrimmages in addition to these drills in a separate session.
  • Coach says as much as the players may look good he won’t know until they play a game precisely where each individual is.
  • Everyone is ready to go except Patrick Beverley due to a “minor” foot injury.
  • D’Antoni expects to observe and “add layers” each day as the players pick up the system and philosophy.
  • Since the team spent time together all summer the learning curve has been rapid.

Training Camp 2016: Mike D'Antoni 09/24/16 via @houstonrockets

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  • Rockets Players appear to have progressed well through summer, showcasing considerable growth.
  • To assist with the quick learning curve required Mike D’Antoni is breaking up the offense and defense. Therefore each layer is administered a step at a time to ensure each individual understands the philosophy and basic principles.
  • Asked if he notices any difference between the first practices now compared to 5 or 10 years ago  D’Antoni responded “oh yes”. Furthermore, the coach quipped “no they’re much further ahead.”
  • In addition, D’Antoni said it makes a difference when the players are used to a system, have bought in or don’t require convincing.

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