2017 NBA Draft: The Houston Rockets are Trying to Trade into the First Round

With the NBA Draft in under an hour, the Rockets are one team that may be active.

As you may know by now, the Rockets are without a first round pick in tonight’s 2017 NBA Draft because of a trade earlier in the year. However, they are one of the confirmed teams looking to move into the 10-14 pick range. This pick could do a couple things for the team.

Draft a prospect

Due to a deep 2017 draft class, a lottery pick could be worth saving to select a player. The Rockets could help improve their team by selecting young talent. This option may be the last case scenario for Morey and co., but it could turn out well for the team. We will see tonight if a trade for a lottery pick even happens, but if it does the option of keeping it is always there.

Trading for an established star

The more likely reason the Rockets are looking into trading for a first round pick is to package this pick in a trade. As talked about earlier in the reason to trade into the first round post, Paul George is a likely option. Stacking up first round picks and trading them with a good role player would be ideal if the Rockets are to get the deal done with Indy.

Be sure to watch the draft tonight at 6 p.m. CT on ESPN or WatchESPN, because there is sure to be some excitement this year.