J.J. Redick Interested in Joining the Houston Rockets


One sharpshooter is interested in joining the Rockets should the deal be right.

The Houston Rockets have become a free agent destination. Since acquiring Chris Paul to pair with James Harden, there have been reports of players wanting to join the team. The latest is a former teammate of Paul, J.J. Redick. The 3-point master Redick has also been linked to teams such as Philadelphia and Brooklyn. If he comes to Houston, it might mean that Eric Gordon is on the outs. Let’s look at the possibilities if the Rockets acquire J.J. Redick.

JJ Redick interested in joining Rockets if finances can work, per source. He still looking at 76ers, Nets for between $16-$18 million a year

— Brad Turner (@BA_Turner) June 30, 2017

The Money Issue

The big part of that Brad Turner tweet is the “if finances can work” portion. J.J. Redick will want a lot more money than the Rockets can afford unless they want to trade some key players. Eric Gordon would likely have to go and is Redick that much better than him? Overpaying for Redick would likely be a bad idea if the Rockets are really going for another star player. Getting J.J. would mean the team would likely package EG in a trade for Paul George while still having to find a trade partner for Ryan Anderson.

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But…Redick Fits So Well

On the other hand, seeing arguably the best 3-point shooter in the league in the D’Antoni offense would be crazy. The second unit with J.J. Redick in it would be something to see. He is the perfect fit for the Rockets. From 3-point land last season, Redick shot nearly 43%, which would be the best on the Houston team. That kind of scoring off the bench will only improve the second-best offense in the league last season.

So, is the likelihood of losing Eric Gordon worth signing such an offensive threat? What will Daryl Morey do to improve the team, even more, this offseason? Stay tuned to Space City Scoop to find out! Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!

*All stats via Basketball-Reference*