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The Houston Rockets Will Play the Knicks in the Preseason

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 31: Carmelo Anthony
HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 31: Carmelo Anthony

This morning, the preseason schedule for some teams, including the Knicks, was revealed.

The preseason is always an interesting time in basketball. With only 5 games, you get a quick preview for the year ahead as well as young players trying to prove themselves and make the final roster.

With the roster fairly set into place at this moment, it may be tough for a young player like the new Demetrius Jackson to find a way to this team. However, we will still get to see him compete and show his worth. Also, the duo of Chris Paul and James Harden officially will debut in Rockets red. These things and more begin in early October during the preseason.

The schedule for the Rockets has not been revealed yet, though. However, two teams this morning have released their schedules, and Houston is playing both of them. On Monday, October 9, the Rockets will head to New York to play the Knicks. Now isn’t that an interesting storyline? We’ll get into that more here in a bit. Houston will also play in Memphis a couple days later on October 11. As more preseason information comes out, we’ll be sure to post about it!

Let’s dive deeper into the whole Knicks situation, shall we:

Preseason Game vs. the Knicks

The Rockets certainly face an interesting opponent on October 9. It begs the question, which team will Carmelo Anthony be playing for in this game? Ian Begley of ESPN New York guesses Melo will be in blue:

The Rockets will play the Knicks at MSG on Oct. 9. Just a guess: Carmelo Anthony will be playing for NYK that night.

— Ian Begley (@IanBegley) August 22, 2017

With how complicated this situation is, that possibility certainly exists and is likely. The Melo drama has dragged out for over a month now, so there’s no reason to believe it will not keep going. Will this game be a sort of “audition” for the Anthony to the Rockets? Obviously, Houston knows what they’re getting out of Melo, so it will not really be an audition. Whether he is with New York or Houston, though, things are sure to get a little awkward.

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