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Houston Rockets: James Harden looks ready for the season

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 09: James Harden
NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 09: James Harden

James Harden has looked bored during the preseason games so far. He is ready for the regular season.

Last night was the third of five preseason games for the Houston Rockets. James Harden, like most of the starters, has been playing limited minutes so far. However, last night he played 37 minutes.

With Chris Paul out last night, it looks like the Rockets wanted to give the Beard a little more run before the season starts a week from today. He responded well to the uptake in minutes, posting a very Harden-like 36 points with 9 rebounds and 11 assists in route to a blowout victory in New York.

He is ready.

James Harden was bored to start the preseason

Through the first two games, the Beard seemed to be messing around on the court, trying to figure out playing with Chris Paul. He was passing quite a bit and looking to shoot the 3 even more than he normally does.

Last night, though, he was a little bit more focused and alert. He is really starting to get ready for the upcoming season. Let’s look at some of his great plays from the game:

James was dancing all game and this is just the beginning.

We even got to see him get hyped after an and-one:

As per usual, his passes were on point:

He rocked Ron Baker to sleep with this move:

The Beard is starting to cook and it has been super fun to watch. Come next Tuesday, he will be ready. The Rockets will travel to Oakland to take on the defending champs on their ring night. Let’s hope that James Harden and the rest of the team spoils their first game back.

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