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Chris Paul and Ryan Anderson are forming a connection


Two Rockets starters are in the beginning stages of what could be an incredible combo.

Ryan Anderson, to begin the season, was struggling to shoot the basketball at home. He would force up bad shots or brick wide open ones. On the road, he was great, but something was off about him in the Toyota Center.

In comes Chris Paul.

Since CP3 has returned to the starting lineup, Ryan Anderson seems to have forgotten about his home struggles. He is putting up 15+ points per night since then and has brought his home 3-point shooting percentage up to 38%, much better than when he was in the 20s.

How much of a factor has CP3 been to this? Well actually, quite a bit.

The Chris Paul effect

Chris Paul has some of the best vision in the league. Ryan Anderson plays the majority of his minutes with him and it benefits both of them greatly. It gives Ryno wide open 3s and CP3 all the assists he could ever want.

Before Paul’s return, Ryan Anderson normally started the second quarter with Eric Gordon as the primary ball handler. No offense to EG, but he is no Chris Paul-like playmaker. Now, Anderson starts the second with CP3 and there is a noticeable difference. With the spacing he creates (and now that he’s hitting his shot), he is close to being worth that huge contract.

Here’s a crazy stat, read the last line in particular:

Chris Paul's 10.3 assists per game would lead the NBA if he was qualified for stats. But more telling: Rockets are hitting 50 % of their 3s off Paul passes (Anderson 77.3 %).

— Jonathan Feigen (@Jonathan_Feigen) November 30, 2017

Ryan Anderson is hitting 77.3% of his 3s off of CP3 passes. That is an unreal percentage for Ryno (or anyone).

This connection forming between Chris Paul and Ryan Anderson has only helped the Rockets as they blow out all of their opponents. It will certainly be interesting to see how they keep it up as a tougher December approaches.

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