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Houston Rockets: Trevor Ariza has recovered from his slow start

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 3: Brandon Ingram
LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 3: Brandon Ingram

After starting the year playing poorly on the offensive end, one forward for the Rockets has improved as of late.

Trevor Ariza had a rough start to the season. His 3-point shooting percentage was in the 20s around the halfway point in November. This was supposed to be a year where he earned one last multi-year contract, but it was not going well.

Then the second half of the month came.

Ariza suddenly found himself at his regular career shooting percentage from the 3-point line. And now, he is even above it. The shots have fallen and the Rockets have been even more dangerous ever since.

He was able to shrug off a month of October in which he shot a putrid 19% from deep. Now, he’s at 38% with no signs of slowing down. He shot nearly 45% from 3 in November as a whole, and that’s with his bad start to the month. His last six games of the month, Ariza hit 23 of his 45 shots from beyond the arc, a 51% mark.

Second half Trevor Ariza

How has he done it? Well, similarly to how Ryan Anderson‘s struggles at home are (were), Ariza has a knack for the second half of games. He comes out of the break firing and is a huge reason why the Rockets are blowing away opponents in the second half.

To be fair, Ariza’s second half anomaly is not as odd as what Ryan Anderson used to have at home. The stats don’t really back up that he shoots better in the second half, but he does shoot it more often. Ariza shoots almost double the shots in the third quarter than the second, 31 vs. 57.

Ariza’s aggressiveness in the second half of games has been a huge part of his success in recent games. Hopefully, that aggressiveness can carry over to the first half too and the Rockets can be even more dangerous.

Defensively, Ariza has been pretty solid the whole year. Even when his shot wasn’t there, he still got minutes because of how valuable he is on that end of the court.

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*All stats via Basketball-Reference*

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