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Houston Rockets: Should Ryan Anderson be starting?

HOUSTON, TX - NOVEMBER 09: Clint Capela
HOUSTON, TX - NOVEMBER 09: Clint Capela

After another poor game last night, it may be time for Ryno to see a minutes-cut.

Last game against the Pelicans, Ryan Anderson had another dud of a performance. He had 0 points and only took 3 shots, 2 of them from deep.

Anderson also saw a cut in his minutes due to his play. He hardly played in the second half and ended the game with 14 minutes played, the second-lowest total of players who took the court for the Rockets.

Ryno has been bad for over a month now. The question must be asked: is it time for Ryan Anderson to come off the bench?

Let’s look at a couple of reasons why it should happen:

To get his rhythm back

Ryan Anderson needs some sort of way to find his rhythm out there on the court. Coming off the bench could provide him a chance to do just that.

In fact, in the one game he came off the bench this season, Ryno had a great night. He had 17 points on 4/7 shooting from downtown. P.J. Tucker started that game for Houston in place of Anderson.

The move would also allow him to play more with Chris Paul, someone with whom he has a good connection.

Luc Mbah a Moute provides more on both ends

Ryan Anderson, when at his best, is a great offensive weapon and (well) below-average defensive player. With his current cold streak, he is still poor on defense but now is bad on offense as well.

Currently, Luc Mbah a Moute is playing much better on both ends of the court and can play the same position as Ryno. It may be time to consider starting Luc over him if he cannot find his shot again.

Anderson is a better floor spacer than Luc, yes, but Mbah a Moute’s 3-point shooting has been pretty good this season. I would feel confident starting him over Ryno.

Luc’s defense would also be great for the Rockets to start off games. He isn’t as big as Anderson to get rebounds, so Clint Capela would need to crash hard on the glass.

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