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The injury woes of the Houston Rockets this season continue

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 11: James Harden
HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 11: James Harden

This season has been a tough one for the health of the Rockets’ players.

The Houston Rockets are sitting pretty with the second-best record in the Western Conference at 36-13. They are just 3 games back of the first seeded Golden State Warriors, too.

It hasn’t been exactly pretty, though. Yes, Chris Paul and James Harden have been wonderful together. Yes, Trevor Ariza is having a great, consistent season. And yes, Luc Mbah a Moute has upped his game since joining the Rockets. However, injuries have plagued the team.

Chris Paul has played in just 31 of the 49 games this year. James Harden missed some time with a hamstring injury. Luc Mbah a Moute missed a chunk of the season with a dislocated shoulder. Nene has been on and off the court with resting and minor injuries.

P.J. Tucker is the only Rocket to play in all of the games this season.

Most recent injuries

Now, CP3 along with Eric Gordon and Trevor Ariza are the newest victims. Paul’s seems not too serious, thankfully, and he claims he is fine. Both he and EG are questionable for Thursday night’s game against the Spurs. Ariza, though, is out for the entire road trip with a hamstring injury.

The ultimate goal should be to get everyone healthy come playoffs. When James Harden and Chris Paul play with Clint Capela, the trio are an incredible 20-1. They are a formidable Big 3 in the league.

Minutes load

The minutes-load on some of the starters due to injuries has been crazy at times. James Harden’s 60-point triple-double was amazing last night, of course, but he played 46 minutes in the process.

When injuries occur, the Rockets don’t have the 3rd or 4th string players that can step in and take some minutes. That leads to Coach D’Antoni sometimes playing just 7 or 8 guys with heavy minutes.

With the trade deadline approaching, the Rockets will likely not make any big moves. When healthy, this squad is among the elite in the NBA. It may be worth Morey and Co.’s time to look into some deep bench options, though, in case the injuries persist.

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