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The Rockets have officially won the Southwest Division

HOUSTON, TX - MARCH 15: James Harden
HOUSTON, TX - MARCH 15: James Harden

After a win last night, the Rockets wrapped up their division.

The Houston Rockets are currently 54-14, a crazy 30 games over .500. After a win last night and a New Orleans loss, the Rockets have officially won the Southwest Division.

It wasn’t really in doubt at all, but it’s nice to have officially clinched it!

The Rockets have dominated both their conference and their division this season. In the Southwest Division, they are 10-3 overall with 3 games left (2 against New Orleans, 1 against San Antonio).

Against the Conference, the Rockets are even better. They are 34-8 after a win against the Clippers last night and could finish as best as 44-8. How insane would that be?

Let’s take a look at how the other Southwest Division foes are doing:

Around the SW Division

The Pelicans are currently in second-place in the division. They are 39-29 and are playing well despite losing DeMarcus Cousins to injury. The Rockets will match up with them tomorrow night in New Orleans.

Current Western Conference Seed: 6

The Spurs are third right now and are having a weird season. They are unlikely to get to 50-wins for the first time in around 20 years. San Antonio sits at 39-30 with a tough schedule to finish the year. Will they even make the playoffs?

Current Western Conference Seed: 8

The Mavericks are in fourth place in the division. Despite seemingly playing hard at times, they are definitely in a position to tank right now. They are 22-46 and a 50-loss season is almost all but assured.

Current Western Conference Seed: 12

The Grizzlies are one of the worst teams the Southwest Division has seen in a while. They are an abysmal 18-50 and are sitting pretty in last place in both the division and conference. Yikes.

Current Western Conference Seed: 15

The Southwest Conference is normally really good top to bottom. It is interesting to see that, besides the Rockets, everyone else is either scrapping for a playoff spot or tanking.

Congrats against the Houston for winning the Division! Next stop, the Conference.

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