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Mike D’Antoni calls James Harden the best offensive player he’s seen

(Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)
(Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)

According to Mike D’Antoni, James Harden is the best offensive player that he has ever seen in the NBA.

If it were still in question, James Harden distanced himself from the competition in the MVP race after a 42-point performance against the Blazers on Tuesday night.

The Beard led the game in scoring, got to the free-throw line 15 times, made five 3-pointers and led all players with 7 assists. Harden continues to prove that he doesn’t have a weakness on the offensive end of the floor.

Mike D’Antoni, who is in many ways the “Godfather” of the modern NBA offense, has high praise for Harden’s offensive abilities. In his view, Harden is the best offensive player of all-time.

Mike D’Antoni on James Harden: “He’s the best offensive player I’ve ever seen. The way he can pass, see the floor, get fouls, layups, floaters, maybe a lob, maybe out to the corner — he has so many weapons. Now he’s shooting that step-back 3. It’s impossible to guard him."

— kerry eggers (@kerryeggers) March 21, 2018

James Harden is leading the NBA in points per game and total points scored, but he’s only fourth in field goals attempted. This is due to the fact that Harden is leading the NBA in total 3-pointers made and free throws made, making him the league’s most efficient scorer.

Harden is third in the NBA in assists, which is what makes him impossible to defend. If defenses try to take the ball out of his hands, then he’ll find the open man, usually for a 3-pointer. If they stay at home, then Harden will either pull up for a 3, or drive to the hoop for a lay up or a foul.

James Harden isn’t extraordinarily quick or athletic, nor is he blessed with great length. But his combination of elite ball-handling and shooting skills along with his high IQ makes him one of the league’s best talents.

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And when a big man switches on to him in a game, James Harden said that it’s “Barbecue Chicken.”