Houston Rockets: 3 things we learned from Game 2

By Tevin Williams
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images /
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3. Defense leads to offense

The Rockets are an elite offensive team, but their play on the defensive end is arguably more important.

When the Rockets are switching seamlessly and forcing turnovers like they did in Game 2, they tend to get easier looks in transition. When guys get better looks, they make more shots and get into the flow of the game. Since the players are in a rhythm, they tend to try a little harder on defense. And the cycle continues to repeat itself.

For Chris Paul, the formula for winning games is really that simple, via the Houston Chronicle’s Brian T. Smith.

“We’re really good in transition. So how do we get in transition? Play better defense.”

The Rockets got into the bodies of the Warriors players the entire game and they forced Golden State into 15 turnovers and a lot of missed shots. That allowed Houston to get into their offense before Golden State’s defense was set, which turned into more open looks for the Rockets.

The Warriors finished with just 105 points and 21 assists, which is well below their season average. Before this game, the Rockets were 8-0 when holding their opponents under 110 points. Now, they’ve added another W to that win column.

The Houston Rockets already knew their formula for winning games. In Game 2, they proved that it works against even the best opponent.

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