Houston Rockets: 3 takeaways from Game 4 against the Warriors

By Tevin Williams
Chris Paul #3 and James Harden #13 of the Houston Rockets
Chris Paul #3 and James Harden #13 of the Houston Rockets /
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Mike D’Antoni of the Houston Rockets /

The pressure really was on the Warriors

After the Rockets were laughed off of the court by Golden State in Game 3, Mike D’Antoni exclaimed that all of the pressure was on the Warriors. That statement definitely raised some eyebrows around the NBA world. Not only did Houston lose home court advantage, but Golden State had won 16 consecutive playoff games at home.

It turns out, the pressure really was on the Warriors in Game 4. If Golden State wins, they go up 3-1 and the series is probably over. Although, a loss ties the series and Houston regains home court advantage.

Now, the Rockets have a newfound confidence. Not only are they the first team to win a playoff game in Oakland since the 2016 NBA Finals, but they’ve also showed that like Golden State, their game travels too.

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The Houston Rockets have proven that they can win at any arena in the regular season or in the playoffs. Houston doesn’t need home court advantage, but they have it now. Rockets fans should be encouraged.