3 reasons why Paul George is a good fit for the Houston Rockets

By Tevin Williams
Photo by Shane Bevel/NBAE via Getty Images
Photo by Shane Bevel/NBAE via Getty Images /
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According to a report, the Houston Rockets will pursue Paul George in free agency. Adding George could put the Rockets over the hump in the western conference.

Last year, Paul George notified the Pacers that he didn’t plan to re-sign with them in the summer of 2018. Fearing that he would leave Indiana with nothing in return, the Pacers traded him to Oklahoma City for a package including Victor Oladipo.

Potential suitors from around the league lined up for George’s services last summer. With just one year left on his contract, there was a risk that he was only a one season rental, but many teams didn’t seem to care.

The Thunder took a chance on George. The organization was still recovering from losing Kevin Durant, and George was thought of as a guy that could partly replace Durant’s role. OKC even traded for Carmelo Anthony, and they quickly became a “championship contender” before the season started. It looked good on paper, but the actual results told a much different story.

The Thunder were up and down the entire year and they finished the season with 48 wins. They had an even more disappointing postseason, losing to the Utah Jazz in six games. Clearly, the Thunder are not anywhere close to being a championship contender, and George will explore his options in free agency.

According to Kelly Iko of the Rockets Wire, Daryl Morey will target Paul George in free agency. George, a perennial All-Star, would make Houston more lethal than they were before. That’s saying a lot, because the Rockets just came off of a 65 win season.

The Rockets would have to move a lot of salaries around to make the deal work, but we won’t get into that in this post. Instead, let’s examine three reasons why Paul George is a great fit for the Houston Rockets.

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