Gerald Green returns as the hero Houston deserves.

By Peyton Ingram
(Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)
(Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Among an NBA off-season ripe with insanity and terribleness, there’s at least one thing that’s happened the way the basketball gods intended: Gerald Green re-signing with the Rockets.

The Houston native agreed to a one-year, vet minimum deal on Sunday as free agency opened up, warming the hearts of thousands of Rockets fans.

Green, a major pickup for the Rockets who was initially signed to a 10-day contract in December, experienced a career resurgence in his second stint with his hometown team, averaging 12.1 points per game while also draining 37% of his seven three-point attempts per contest. He also led the league in team-inspired braids, became the most beloved non-star in Houston since Patrick Beverley, and hit this dope game winner against Phoenix:

The aftermath of the Phoenix game winner, specifically James Harden‘s reaction to it, is a perfect example of the passion and excitement that Green brings to the squad.

Green is an incredible energy guy off of the bench and provides some floor spacing with his solid three-point shooting. He can hit shots from deep in essentially any situation, whether it be on the fast break, catch-and-shoot off of a screen, or a one dribble pull-up to escape a close-out. He’s a formidable threat to drive on those close-outs and throw it down on somebody’s head as well.

One of the best attributes that he has is the ability to get hot and nail eight threes in an opposing team’s collective face, like he did here in a mid-season match-up with Golden State:

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(Something to watch out for; these highlights are a good exhibition of Green’s mastery of the “God I hope I make that” landing following a risky three-point attempt.)

Green has become a solid piece to the team’s competitiveness and a major influence on its entertainment value. His return to Houston can be a sliver of joy for Rockets fans having to live in a world where DeMarcus Cousins plays for the Warriors.