Report: The Rockets are likely done with free agent signings for now

By Michael Knight

The Houston Rockets are just about finished with their summer. What else do they have to do before the start of the regular season?

The Houston Rockets are all but done with free agency as they enter late July. The main move of the summer was re-signing future Hall of Fame point guard Chris Paul.

The Rockets also will have some added flexibility, as the rumored Carmelo Anthony deal has him taking the veteran’s minimum contract. The Rockets will have their full taxpayer’s MLE to spend moving forward.

Don’t expect any moves with it this summer, though, besides potentially signing some rookies. In our interview with general manager Daryl Morey, he had this to say on that topic:

“In terms of signings, probably not much left. We do have our past draft picks or recent draft picks to sign so we have to get those done. But signings-wise, I don’t think you’ll see anything until later in the year in the buyout-type season.”

The buyout season is where we will likely see the rest of the MLE spent on a veteran who can come in and help the team. Morey seemed very confident that the Rockets will get something done as that deadline approaches, though.

The next step is signing the rookies with a portion of the MLE to guarantee them three years, sign Carmelo Anthony (finally) and then to re-sign Clint Capela. After that, it’s looking like the Rockets are just about done.

No trades imminent for the Rockets

Despite what many folks want to believe, the Rockets do not have any big trades ready to go that will help improve the team. The whispers of the likes of Jimmy Butler or Kevin Love are likely just rumors that won’t happen. Same with another defensive wing.

Morey did say, though, that “we’re [the Rockets are] always active in the trade market if we see something.”

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While it would be great to add another defensive wing or star to the great roster, it’s looking like the current group is what the Rockets will look like come the middle of October. And that’s okay.