Houston Rockets: 3 goals for Chris Paul in 2018-19 season

By Tevin Williams
Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images
Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images /
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1. Make the Western Conference Finals

The Rockets have two hall of fame caliber point guards and one of the best offensive minds in NBA history as a head coach in Mike D’Antoni, so they won’t have to worry much about scoring. If Chris Paul is healthy and he can help Houston play elite defense next season, this last goal will be very possible.

Chris Paul has achieved almost everything as an individual, but he hasn’t had much team success in the postseason. The 2018 Western Conference Finals series against Golden State was Paul’s first taste of the third round in the postseason. Unfortunately, an untimely leg injury caused Paul to miss the final two games of that series, which were the two most important games of the entire season.

Certainly, Chris Paul feels that if he were healthy, the Rockets would’ve won one of those two games, particularly Game 7 in Houston. If the Rockets eliminate Golden State, it’s almost certain that they would’ve defeated a Cleveland team that was very thin on talent outside of LeBron James and Kevin Love.

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Paul and the Rockets want to get back to the conference finals where the Warriors will likely be waiting. The Rockets have developed an appetite for vengeance on a team that has eliminated them in three of the last four years. If all of the stars align, Houston will have their shot in a rematch against the defending champs next May.