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Houston die-hards need to check out our new merch

By Nathan Cunningham
FS Swag
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You already know the deal. Houston basketball fans are just… different. More intense, more passionate, more loyal. So it’s time to gear up.

Houston fans are a different breed. That’s why playing there is so unsettling for other teams. Because it’s simply a different level of passion on display.

Which is precisely the reason we got back together with the FanSided Swag Shop to design an awesome new t-shirt.

So we H-Town faithful can put our superior fandom on display.

Check out our new designs, which we called, “Houston Basketball Die-Hard Fans” below.

FS Swag

This t-shirt is available in black and white.

It’s made from 100% cotton, which means this t-shirt is as soft and comfortable as it is good looking.

You can get this exclusive design for just $24.99 at the FanSided Swag Shop.