8 Players the Rockets Can Add For the Veteran’s Minimum

Anthony Duckett
Houston Rockets Thabo Sefolosha #22 of the Utah Jazz (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)
Houston Rockets Thabo Sefolosha #22 of the Utah Jazz (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images) /
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Vince Carter

Yes, I know Vince Carter is no longer “Vinsanity,” the player who used to wow us all with freakish athleticism, but he has now become a solid role player with freakish conditioning. Carter proved himself to be very durable en route to playing in 76 games at age 42. Vince Carter has turned himself into a good three-point shooter, as he shot 38.9% from three and averaged 15.2 points per 36 minutes. For Houston, Carter likely wouldn’t be able to play more than the 17.5 minutes he averaged per night last season, but he would give the Rockets very effective outputs and a great presence in the locker room. Carter would also surely be an option for the veteran minimum.

Thabo Sefolosha

Thabo Sefolosha is a true “3 and D” player, which is the type of forward the Rockets need. Despite playing in his 16th season, Sefolosha shot 43.6% from three on 12 minutes per night, posting 11 points per 36 minutes. Sefolosha played in 50 games for the Utah Jazz and has been named to the All-Defense team previously in his career. Sure his All-Defense days are behind him, but he can still be asked to defend in spurts. Sefolosha has battled injuries, but would be a low risk move on a minimum deal.

Dante Cunningham

Dante Cunningham is coming off a season that saw him play 14.5 minutes per night while shooting 46.2% from three. This was a career best throughout his 10 year career. The Rockets would certainly welcome additional three-point shooting at a clip this high. Cunningham would have been the best three-point shooter if he played for the Rockets this past season. Cunningham would be worth a flyer on this roster as a three-point specialist, as he doesn’t bring much else to the table.

Jonas Jerebko

Jerebko is coming off a season that saw him play roughly 17 minutes per night, shooting 36.7% from three, which was lower than the 41.4% he shot from distance the previous year while a member of the Utah Jazz. Over the course of his 9 year career, Jerebko has shot 36% from three point range. However, Jerebko is not known for his defense and struggles to stay in front of quicker players. Jerebko averaged 13.6 points per game and 8.5 rebounds per 36 minutes this past season. At 6’10, Jerebko is a stretch four and he can provide a lot of space for James Harden and Chris Paul to drive the lane. While his game would be limited to just his ability to shoot the three, he wouldn’t have to do much else in Houston expect knock down open shots.

Jerebko even hit a game winner for the Dubs!

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