Ranking top 10 NBA coaches: Where Houston Rockets’ Mike D’Antoni lands

Anthony Duckett
Head coach Mike D'Antoni of the Houston Rockets (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Head coach Mike D'Antoni of the Houston Rockets (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /
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2. Steve Kerr-Golden State Warriors

Steve Kerr inherited a Warriors team that had been lifted into relevancy by his predecessor and former Rockets guard Mark Jackson. Prior to the arrival of Jackson, the Dubs had missed the playoffs in each of the previous five years. By the time Kerr came to the Warriors, they already had Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry, and Andre Iguodala, so much of the work had been done for him already.

As a result, Kerr and the Dubs have gone 322-88 and made it to the NBA Finals in each of his five seasons at the helm, winning three titles. In fact, the Warriors went 73-9 during the 2015-2016 season, which is still the best record in NBA history, and that was before they even added Kevin Durant.

Kerr does deserve credit for creating an offense which is all about ball movement and spreading the ball around to the elite shooters the Warriors had, and opting for less isolation. Ironically, this drew recent criticism from Kevin Durant, as he would have preferred more isolation. What Kerr also deserves credit for is running the offense through Draymond Green and allowing him to facilitate the offense, as Green has led the Warriors in assists in each of the last four seasons. This was a pivotal decision, as its allowed Curry and Thompson to catch and shoot, and allowed the Warriors to utilize backdoor screens.

In addition, Kerr deserves credit for being able to manage so many superstar personalities and egos, as the Warriors had at least three All-Stars in each of the last four years. In fact, the Warriors actually had four All-Stars in two of the last three years, so Kerr deserves a lot of credit for getting so many elite players to lock in to his philosophy. In fact, we never saw any signs of friction with the Warriors up until this past season when Durant and Draymond Green had a verbal argument on the court, which led to Draymond getting suspended by the Warriors.

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