5 Clutch City Houston Rockets that would revamp the team’s staff

Sam Cassell (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Sam Cassell (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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3. Matt Bullard – Houston Rockets Assistant/Shooting Coach

Continuing with the shooting coach department, another member of the 1993-94 team has also recently expressed an interest in sharing his expertise with others. “I’ve already had preliminary conversations with several teams,” said Bullard to us, explaining that they were for assistant positions.

Bullard is someone that not only succeeded with Houston as a player but has been around the current team for years as the color commentator for AT&T Sports Southwest. Nothing teaches you about the game quite like being in the league yourself, and Matt did just that for 11 seasons.

Throughout his time in the league, Bullard shot over 40 percent from 3-point land three separate times and finished with a career shooting percentage of 38.4.

Houston Rockets
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4. Vernon Maxwell – Houston Rockets Social Media Manager

Of everyone on this list, this one might be the biggest no-brainer. For anyone that’s not following Vernon Maxwell on Twitter, do yourself a favor and do so now. Maxwell was the king of instigating and trash-talking while in the league, which has more than carried over to his social media game.

The two-time champion is never shy to speak his mind, and that mind is usually full of hilarious insults and jabs at certain fanbases. One particular constant victim of Maxwell’s has been Jazz fans, whom he has in his sights regularly.

Maxwell’s March 2017 tweet, which he has pinned to his profile, is the biggest gem of all.

I'd like 2 apologize Jazz fans that were offended by my tweets. If I knew u guys had internet in Utah I would've never made those tweets.

— Vernon Maxwell (@VernonMaxwell11) March 9, 2017

Maxwell’s attacks are far from random, as he’s stated in the past that Jazz fans tend to flood his inbox with insults of their own.

Vernon would probably have to tone it down a bit as the Rockets’ social media manager, which would mean we’d get a filtered version of him. An unfiltered Vernon is the best version, though, so for that reason, this job might not quite work out.

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Still, Vernon has done well over the years to keep Rockets’ fans laughing and engaged with the team, even offering his own opinion recently on who the team should hire as their next head coach:

Sam Cassell deserves at being a head coach and what better place to start his head coaching career than the city where he started his professional playing career? #houston #clutchcity

— Vernon Maxwell (@VernonMaxwell11) September 16, 2020

And speaking of Vernon’s suggestion.

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