10 big men Rockets GM Rafael Stone should pursue

John Henson #31 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)
John Henson #31 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images) /
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Jonah Bolden #43 of the Phoenix Suns (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Houston Rockets target #6: Jonah Bolden

Jonah Bolden is easily the most obscure name on this list, as he nearly went undrafted in the 2017 NBA Draft and has bounced around between the NBA and the G-League. At 6-foot-10. Bolden could play either forward or center, and his presence provides a significant boost on the boards for the Rockets, who have been outrebounded in three of their four losses this season.

Bolden averaged 11.7 points and 9.3 rebounds per 36 minutes as a rookie, while posting a true shooting percentage of 59.5 percent. Bolden also made 35.4 percent of his threes, albeit on a small sample size of just 2.2 attempts per game as a rookie.

Bolden had a much more reliable sample size during his tenure in the G-League, as he averaged 15.3 points, 11.8 rebounds, and 3.3 assists, in addition to making 34.6 percent of his threes as a rookie. In his second season in the G-League, Bolden averaged 11.6 points on 64.7 percent true shooting, in addition to making 50.4 percent of his shots and 35.6 percent of his threes.

Bolden’s playing time reduced from 31 minutes in the 2018-19 G-League season to 24.7 minutes in 2019-20, but his shooting efficiency improved with less shot attempts. Although Bolden is just 25-years-old, he could provide great contributions off of the bench for the Houston Rockets.

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