3 Goals for the Houston Rockets at the Trade Deadline

Jose Rohdin
Cleveland Cavaliers v Houston Rockets
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The Houston Rockets sit in last place in the Western Conference with a 15-39 record. With the team making an apparent effort to let their young core grow and look to the future, the Rockets are clear sellers at the trade deadline.

This season, and possibly the following season, is all about building up the young core and acquiring assets. Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr. are building blocks for the team's future and have had flashes of what they could be with more experience. The future roster should be built through the draft or acquired through trade. If the Rockets are going to build a contender they'll need some of the current young core to breakout, draft picks to hit, and maybe even a trade for a superstar.

The Rockets' rebuilding process started well last season, making four quality first-round picks to build a young roster. This upcoming trade deadline, Thursday, February 10th, and 3 pm, will be the next big test for the team.

Before the trade deadline expires, the Rockets should look to flip their veterans who have value and try to receive young players and draft picks to build up assets. These are the three most important goals that the Rockets should be keeping in mind before Thursday at 3 pm.

Trading away older players like Eric Gordon and Christian Wood for first-round picks would be a solid start. Both players have had great seasons, and their trade value is very high. The pair would likely bring in a first-round pick, which could add more depth to the roster. The Rockets should also look to move other veterans who could have value for other teams, receive assets, and clear space for the young players to gain opportunities.