3 Goals for the Houston Rockets at the Trade Deadline

Jose Rohdin
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3. Keep looking for assets

Houston Rockets, Jae’Sean Tate
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Assets are such a big part of a rebuilding team, and the Rockets should do everything they can to get more. Looking to trade away veterans on expiring deals for draft picks or promising young players to open up minutes for developing players needs to be a priority. Making moves to get any form of an asset at this time is an excellent move for the Rockets' future.

Daniel Theis and David Nwaba could be two veterans that the Rockets might be able to get at least some assets for. Both players have already been slowly exiting the rotation, with only Nwaba playing any minutes over the last 10 games.

This lack of playing time does decrease their value on the trade market, but both are veterans who have shown they can be decent role players in the NBA. They are solid defenders, giving them some value on the trade market.

Jae’Sean Tate would be another name the Rockets might take calls from other teams. Even though he is only in his second year in the NBA, he is already 26 years old, which may not match the Rockets rebuilding plan. He offers energy and defense to this team but would be a great fit on a contending team.

Tate might take a little bit more of a trade package, but maybe the Rockets would be more likely to move on from him for the right price. Usman Garuba can be that same type of player as Tate while also being younger at 19 years old.

Overall, the Rockets should look to acquire as many assets as they can as they continue to find the right pieces to become a contender once again.

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