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3 reasons why the Houston Rockets should consider making a trade for Marvin Bagley

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Marvin Bagley III, Houston Rockets
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The Houston Rockets’ rebuild is in full effect. After years of contending for championships, the Rockets will spend the next few years competing for draft lottery position. There is a beauty in the clarity that being at the top or bottom brings. 

When you’re aiming for a championship you’re always all-in for immediate production and when you’re in the early stages of a rebuild you’re all-in for future production. The Rockets have their eyes set on the future and some news out of California should pique their interest.

The Houston Rockets need to give the Sacramento Kings a call over Marvin Bagley

Reports indicate that the Sacramento Kings are shopping Marvin Bagley III. The second pick in the 2018 NBA draft, Bagley is most famous for the players selected after him. The three players drafted directly after him, Luka Doncic, Jaren Jackson Jr, and Trae Young have all been wildly productive in their short NBA careers. 

Bagley, to say the least, has not matched Doncic’s two All-NBA selections, Young’s All-Star nod, and Jackson’s futuristic frontcourt skillset. The fact that the Kings are shopping Bagley before his rookie contract expires, is an indictment in and of itself. 

If the Rockets are trying to build back to contention, why should they be interested in a draft bust? The reason is simple; calling Bagley a bust is premature. These are three reasons why the Rockets should look to make a move for Marvin Bagley III.