3 reasons why the Houston Rockets should consider making a trade for Marvin Bagley

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Reason #3 the Houston Rockets should trade for Marvin Bagley: The Sacramento Kings are a mess

Blaming the Kings for Bagley’s stalled development might seem like a cop-out but the franchise has a nearly two-decade run of incompetence. NBA history is littered with franchises’ where ineptitude at the top spills over to the court and the Kings are the model franchise in that regard. 

The Kings haven’t made the playoffs or had a non-losing record since 2007. Their 15-year playoff drought is the longest in the league, and it’s not particularly close. In fact, if the Kings miss the playoffs next season they will set the NBA record for the longest playoff drought ever. 

If the Kings had selected Luka Doncic instead of Bagley, perhaps they wouldn’t be on the cusp of the wrong type of history but this is a franchise that finds a way to fail. Over this run of futility, the Kings have had DeMarcus Cousins, De’Aaron Fox, Bogdan Bogdanovic, and Rudy Gay. Outside of Rick Adelman’s eight-season tenure, where they never missed the postseason, the Kings have made the playoffs twice since their move to Sacramento.  

Michael Jordan never forgave Jerry Krause for saying, “players and coaches don’t win championships, organizations do,” but he kind of had a point and the Kings are the perfect negative example of it. The Kings are a losing organization. Expecting a 19-year-old to change that is ludicrous. Remember, De’Aaron Fox hasn’t turned the Kings around either. Organizations matter.