3 reasons why the Houston Rockets should consider making a trade for Marvin Bagley

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Marvin Bagley III, Houston Rockets
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Reason #1 the Houston Rockets should trade for Marvin Bagley: Pedigree 

If the Kings want to give up on Marvin Bagley they’re treading in dangerous waters. Bagley was the number one high school recruit in his class and was then the second overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft. The only way he could have had a better pre-NBA pedigree is if he was drafted one spot higher. 

Players that were both top-five recruits and draft picks have a tremendous track record of success. Remember, his Rookie season was good enough to land on an All-Rookie team with Luka Doncic, Trae Young, Deandre Ayton, and Jaren Jackson Jr. If it wasn’t for two injury-plagued seasons and the general dysfunction that has come to define the Kings, Bagley could be viewed as one of the games brightest young players. 

For three straight years, Bagley was viewed as one of the best players in his age bracket. Now, his team wants to move on. Should he have gone second in the 2018 draft? Absolutely not, but Deandre Ayton shouldn’t have gone first and no one seems to care after a star turn for the Suns in the playoffs. 

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The Rockets need talent and Bagley has it in spades. If a chronically dysfunctional franchise wants to get rid of a young player who is down on their luck for pennies on the dollar then that’s their problem. A rebuilding team is the perfect opportunity for Bagley to rebuild his reputation. The Rockets should see just how dysfunctional the Kings really are because if their pedigree is any indication, they’ll land Bagley for a bargain.