3 reasons why you should watch the Rockets this upcoming season

By Kurt Olson
2021 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot
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Jalen Green, Josh Christopher
2021 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot / Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

3. The Houston Rockets have young star potential

Over the past several years, the Rockets have generally been one of the older teams in the league. The team's most consistently featured players have been beyond the 30-mark. The present team is radically different from those squads on this front.

The team has its veteran members to provide some leadership and experience to the young players. Eric Gordon, Daniel Theis, and D.J. Augustin are a few of these members.

As of now, John Wall is also on the team, but he and the Rockets will be looking for a path by which to trade him during this season, and the two parties have agreed that he will not play for the team during this process.

Aside from a dash of veteran presence, this is mostly a group of young men who are either 19 or in their early-mid twenties. Needless to say, there will not be a lack of energy from this roster.

But energy is not enough to make sticking with the team for 82 games worth the watch for someone who does not already do so every year. Fortunately, there is a plethora of talent and even star potential in this young team.

For starters, Christian Wood, who will turn 26 before the start of the season, has already proven that he can put up All-Star caliber numbers when he is healthy. In his first year as a Rocket, Wood averaged 21 points and 9.6 rebounds on efficient shooting splits.

His game could stand to improve in the areas of defense and playmaking, but he is not a liability in those areas.

Kevin Porter Jr. is younger and less experienced than Wood at age 21, and thus is less proven of a talent. But anyone who watches basketball with regularity can tell you that there is undeniably a high level of talent and potential in him.

The weaker points of KPJ's game are those frequently found in players his age. Consistency, a defensive identity, and confidence are traits that many players take time and experience to develop. But if he does manage to garner these, the man who gave the current NBA champions a 50-piece will pan out to be something special.

This is without even mentioning his abilities as a playmaker.

The least proven of the young trio of potential future stars is also perhaps the most exciting. With the number two pick in a draft that was considered to be the strongest in many years, the Rockets selected Jalen Green.

The hype for Green has not only extended beyond Houston, but in many cases has even surpassed that of what you will hear from many Rockets fans. While it is important to keep expectations realistic and tempered, there is a reason that player comparisons involving Jalen Green have included the likes of Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady.

There are even some who believe Green will pan out to be a better pro than the prospect who was selected above him at number one in the draft, Cade Cunningham, who is considered to be a generational talent. Green does not even have to meet this level of talk to be worth the excitement, but if he does it will not want to be something you miss out on witnessing.

Green's acquisition in the draft was considered to be one of if not the best moment of the offseason for the team. His athleticism and scoring ability are seemingly already at a pro-level, and if the Summer League bears any resemblance to what we will see from him, he will also exhibit confidence and defensive effort that are difficult to achieve for most rookies.

Green alone is a player you will not want to miss watching the development of, as he could very well be the next all-time great of Houston basketball. But with him playing alongside Christian Wood and Kevin Porter Jr., there are bound to be some eye-popping performances and glimpses into what could be a very successful future in the next few years.