The 5 best landing spots for Kenyon Martin Jr. if he is traded

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The Rockets loaded up on wings and forwards this offseason. They drafted Jabari Smith Jr. and Tari Eason and re-signed Jae'Sean Tate to an extension. While it solidified the position for the future, it has left another Rocket without an avenue to playing time.

Kenyon Martin Jr. has had an eventful offseason. First, his father, former NBA All-Star Kenyon Martin Sr., said his son needed to be traded from the Houston Rockets and get to a winning environment. Then the Rockets drafted Jabari Smith Jr. and Tari Eason, effectively blocking playing time for Martin. All of the upheaval culminated in a quiet trade request by Martin Jr. over the summer, but he still remains on the Rockets roster.  

The NBA is a cold place for players who can’t call themselves stars or lottery picks. Every organization is always looking for upgrades, and the players who are between stars and potential stars find themselves in the crosshairs. Kenyon Martin Jr. has had a promising start to his career, but the Rockets don’t believe in his upside enough to create an easy opportunity for minutes.  

Kenyon Martin won't get the Rockets much in trade

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Martin’s trade value is minimal. While his small salary makes him an attractive option for a capped-out team, it needs to be remembered that Christian Wood landed the Rockets the 26th overall pick and four benchwarmers. There is no holding out for a first-round pick, and because of that, the Rockets should look to move Martin to the best possible situation. These are the five best landing spots for Kenyon Martin Jr.