The 5 best landing spots for Kenyon Martin Jr. if he is traded

N.B. Lindberg
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KJ Martin landing spot #5: Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets have one of the most talented rosters in the NBA. The combination of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant will do that, but the supporting cast is full of highly skilled players. However, outside of Ben Simmons, their roster is lacking in athleticism. 

The Nets' embarrassing first-round sweep at the brooms of the Boston Celtics exposed their lack of top-tier athleticism. Kenyon Martin Jr. is far from the most skilled player in the league, but he does possess incredible athletic gifts. 

Martin won’t play much for the Nets, but he could carve out a solid 10 to 15 minute a night role. With all the spacing and attention that Irving and Durant demand, he should be able to feast on cuts to the basket, and Simmons is one of the league’s best at generating transition opportunities. 

If winning is most important to Martin, then the Nets are his best bet to be on a champion. However, we’ve been saying that about the Nets for the past two years, and it hasn’t gone so well.