The 5 best landing spots for Kenyon Martin Jr. if he is traded

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Atlanta Hawks v Houston Rockets
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KJ Martin landing spot #4: Miami Heat 

If ending up in a winning environment is vital to Martin Jr, then there isn’t a better organization to end up with than the Miami Heat. People joke about Heat culture, but the essence of comedy is truth. There is something about the organization that brings out the best in players. 

While Martin’s long-term career trajectory would likely benefit from a stop in South Beach, his talents could also help the Heat offset the departure of PJ Tucker. Rockets fans are well aware of Tucker’s unique defensive capabilities, but he quietly had an offensive renaissance last season. 

Martin won’t be able to recreate his defensive impact, but as a corner-three specialist and cutter, he could meet or exceed Tucker’s impact. The Heat were also one of the most efficient transition teams in the league (1.16 points per possession, 6th overall) but were a bottom third team in transition frequency (14.5% of possessions, 20th overall). Martin’s ability in the open court could lead to an additional transition possession a game without hurting their excellent efficiency.