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5 Veterans the Rockets should target to help the core develop 

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What type of veteran do the Rockets need?

The Rockets offensively are in most need of a primary facilitator who can operate an offense and provide some level of floor spacing. I chronicled how the Rockets’ poor passing has been hampering their offense and the production of Kevin Porter Jr., Jalen Green, and Jabari Smith Jr. To quickly rehash the work, assisted shots lead to higher shooting percentages, and the Rockets aren’t generating many assisted shots. 

The ideal veteran candidate to cure these woes would be Tyus Jones, the patron saint of assist-to-turnover ratio, but he’s locked up for two more years, and Memphis isn’t likely to be interested in trading him. 

However, there are a plethora of available or soon-to-be-available options that meet the Rockets’ criteria of a guard who can run an offense, space the floor, and doesn’t need to be the guy. These are the 5 veterans the Rockets should target to get their offense and young core to the next level. 

Veteran #5 George Hill 

George Hill is never the exciting answer, and at 36 years old, there’s a real question of how much he has left in the tank, but Hill is the exact type of steadying presence at point guard the Rockets need. He is a low-usage, low-turnover, 3-point shooter who specializes in moving the ball quickly. 

The Rockets don’t need a point guard to come in and penetrate a defense over and over. Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr. are there for that. What they do need is a point guard to get them the ball in their spots, space the floor, and make the extra pass their offense sorely lacks. 

Hill is under contract for $4 million this season, but it’s unlikely the Rockets can offer the Bucks anything they’d value more than Hill. He will be a free agent after the season at age 37. The Rockets should see if Hill is available before the trade deadline, and if not, pursue him in free agency. He’s the right type of veteran to overpay on a short-term deal. 

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