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6 Keys to the Houston Rockets’ 6 Game Win Streak

N.B. Lindberg
New Orleans Pelicans v Houston Rockets
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The Houston Rockets’ six-game win streak has been one of the biggest surprises of the NBA season. When the Rockets started their winning streak on November 24th, they were 1-16 and had the worst record in the league. Now, on December 6th, they’re 7-16 and have leapfrogged the Magic, Pistons, Thunder, and Pelicans in the standings. 

The conversation around the Rockets went from will Stephen Silas make it through Christmas to will Stephen Silas make a push for Coach of the Year. In fact, the Rockets are the first team in any of the major North American Sports leagues to win six straight games directly following a 15 game losing streak. 

The Rockets' worst to first streaks have been stunning, and, to commemorate each win in the streak, these are the six keys to the Rockets' six-game win streak.

1. Key #1: Turnovers

Chicago Bulls v Houston Rockets
Chicago Bulls v Houston Rockets / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

The Rockets' putrid start to the season was in large part caused by their penchant for turning over the ball. Through their first 17 games, they averaged 18.1 turnovers a game and posted a 15.-percent turnover percentage. 

Over the course of the Rockets’ six-game win streak, they’ve dramatically reigned in the mistakes. They’ve averaged 14.8 turnovers a game, a 13.2-percent turnover percentage, and the results have been tremendous. 

Cutting out nearly 3.5 turnovers a game is the only reason the Rockets have averaged 119.3 points over the six-game winning streak, but certainly hasn’t hurt.