6 Prospects Rockets Fans Need to Watch in the NCAA Tournament

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Kendall Brown, Houston Rockets
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Prospect #6: Kendall Brown SF (Baylor) 

ESPN Rank 17

Kendall Brown has all the physical traits required of a modern NBA wing. His combination of length, strength, and explosive athleticism will allow him to be a multi-positional defender that thrives on cuts and in transition. 

Only a freshman, Brown’s offensive game is raw, but there are some encouraging signs that he could be a credible 3-point shooter in the NBA. He shot 38.9% from three at Baylor, although on only 1.1 attempts a game, but his 70% free throw shooting indicates some level of consistency on his stroke. 

Brown is the type of prospect the Rockets should target with their Brooklyn pick. He has tremendous upside, but also a pretty stable floor as a switchable wing that can provide weakside help. Baylor look poised to make a deep run, so there should be plenty of opportunities to see him for yourself.