Grading the Houston Rockets Offseason, Thus Far

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The Rockets’ offseason has gone incredibly well. They killed the draft and made sensible moves elsewhere. That being said, having an excellent offseason during a rebuild is extremely easy. When your goal is to be bad and accrue future value, it’s almost impossible to lose a trade.

However, the Rockets remaining disciplined and sticking to their plan is just as important as the moves they made. They made sure to keep cap space open for the next offseason and into the future. They opened up minutes for their young core to grow, and they didn’t do anything to win more games outside of internal development. 

There is still time for the Rockets to make moves. Collin Sexton and Dennis Schroeder remain free agents, and Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell have yet to be traded. The Rockets still employ a few veterans who should perk some interest in trades, but they could remain inactive and still have had a good offseason. 

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Heading into the 2022-23 season, the Rockets will have an extremely exciting young core, tons of future cap space, a likely top-five pick in 2023, and a steady stream of incoming picks from the Brooklyn Nets just as their picks start to head to the Oklahoma City Thunder. When winning starts to matter, winning the offseason becomes far more difficult. The Rockets hit their layups the past two offseasons. They deserve credit and a sterling grade for that, but the next phase of their rebuild will be more difficult. Hopefully, they’ve laid a solid foundation. 

Offseason Grade: A-