Houston Rockets: 2 Studs & 1 Dud against the Atlanta Hawks

N.B. Lindberg
Houston Rockets v Atlanta Hawks
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Trae Young, Armoni Brooks, Houston Rockets
Houston Rockets v Atlanta Hawks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Houston Rockets Dud #1: Armoni Brooks

One of Christian Wood, Garrison Mathews, or Armoni Brooks had to be deemed the dud. Brooks gets the unwanted distinction for a few reasons. The first is the dreaded single game plus/minus.

Using single game plus/minus is a fool's errand, but Brooks' -17 plus/minus was the worst on the night. The next reason is based upon his production.

Brooks scored 6 points on two of nine shooting from the field. He generated no free throws and only collected three rebounds and two assists. Brooks is a shooter. When he isn't shooting, he doesn't really do much.

Stephen Silas made the right call keeping him on the pine for the fourth quarter. The only reason Mathews and Wood avoided the dud distinction is they had better plus/minuses and chipped in a little more when they were on the court.

Mathews went one of six from the field but managed a +2 plus/minus, and Christian Wood was able to score 12 very inefficient points but did add three assists with no turnovers.

Next. Stephen Silas’ masterful decision to do nothing against the Atlanta Hawks. dark