Houston Rockets: 3 historical comparisons for Cade Cunningham

By James Piercey
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 Houston Rockets, Cade Cunningham
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Whenever an NBA team is losing games, its fan base is likely to start looking at the upcoming draft for salvation. Between February 6th and March 21st, 2021, the Houston Rockets lost 20 games in a row. Somewhere in the midst of that streak, the hashtag #FadeforCade was born, and fade the Rockets would, finishing the season with a 17-55 record.

However, lady luck is notoriously fickle, and with the NBA’s relatively new lottery odds, she’s especially capricious. The draft lottery came and went, and as anyone reading this article is likely to know, the Rockets landed the second overall pick.

This, of course, was a cause for celebration: had the pick landed outside of the top four (an occurrence with a 48-percent likelihood; in other words, a surgery you’d probably opt against) it would have conveyed to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Instead, the Rockets were gifted an opportunity to select Jalen Green, Evan Mobley, or Jalen Suggs.

Still, Raphael Stone is greedy, a desirable quality in an NBA general manager, and reports are widely circulating that Houston has been “aggressive” in their pursuit of Cade Cunningham. Exit fade, enter a new hashtag: #TradeforCade. Here are three historical comparisons for Cade Cunningham for Rockets fans in the event that Stone is able to do exactly that.