Houston Rockets: 3 Keys to Jalen Green v Cade Cunningham Round 1

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Houston Rockets: Jalen Green v Cade Cunningham key #1 Usage

The dirty secret to Jalen Green’s success and Cade Cunningham’s struggles has to do with what the pair are being asked to do. Green has been a part of the offense through ten games, while Cunningham has been the offense for the Pistons. 

Green has a 22.7-percent usage rate and Cunningham comes in at 29.2-percent. To illustrate their gulf in offensive responsibility, Green is 62nd in usage rate, while Cunningham, if he qualified, would be 23rd, right behind Russell Westbrook and LeBron James. 

The main difference between the two is that Green is in a position to play to his strengths. The Rockets and the Pistons have taken two different approaches to develop their top picks. The Rockets want Green to be in a position to succeed before giving him more responsibilities. While the Pistons are throwing Cunningham into the fire and hoping he can slowly iron out the mistakes. 

In their first match-up, look to see which one is dominating the ball on offense. The one that does probably won’t have the better numbers, but it probably indicates which one is presently better. 

Green v Cunningham will continue for years to come. Statistically, Green has the edge in round one. The Rockets are the better of two bad teams, he has had more high-level experience, and he’s asked to play to his strengths. 

This match-up will offer a cache of thrills and hopefully, the pair will rise to the occasion. However, even if they don’t in round one, don’t fret, these two guys are both the real deal. 

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