Houston Rockets: 3 Reasons Josh Christopher Needs Minutes

Jose Rohdin
Houston Rockets Media Day
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2. The Houston Rockets are rebuilding

Houston Rockets, Josh Christopher
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The fact is that the Houston Rockets have struggled this season, going 4-16 in their first 20 games of the season. However, the Rockets are looking to rebuild their team through the draft with young talent, drafting four players in the first round of the 2021 NBA Draft.

Josh Christopher was one of those players, and the Rockets took a chance on him late in the first round. This season is all about building stepping stones for the future, which comes by giving young players the NBA experience they need.

At just 19 years old, there are endless possibilities of what Christopher could end up as, and he has already shown that he can score on G-League opponents with ease. This is the time in his career and the Rockets' rebuild when he needs to be allowed to learn from his mistakes.

The rebuilding process is in full effect for the Rockets, and Christopher could be involved in many different ways. This needs to be the chance to see what he has.