Houston Rockets: 3 reasons letting Sterling Brown go was a mistake

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Houston Rockets: reason #1 letting Sterling Brown go was a mistake: Shooting

There is no more valuable skill in the NBA than shooting. Ben Simmons, one of the league’s best defensive players and passers, is being run out of Philadelphia because he doesn’t have a jumper. Russell Westbrook, a former league MVP, is now on his fourth team in four years because of a lack of a credible jumper. Shooting has become the end all be all in the NBA and Sterling Brown can shoot. 

Brown is a career 37.4-percent 3-point shooter and just capped off a campaign where he set career bests in 3-point attempts per game (4.2) and 3-point field goal percentage (42.3%). In fact, of the 72 qualified players who averaged between three and five 3-point attempts a game, Brown was the ninth-most accurate. Meaning Brown, for mid-tier volume 3-point shooters, was in the 87th percentile for accuracy. 

The Rockets were the third-worst 3-point shooting team last season and losing Brown, their best 3-point shooter, will only add to those woes. Even if the Rockets have no playoff aspirations, the extra spacing he provides would have aided the Rockets’ rebuilding efforts. 

Kevin Porter Jr. and Jalen Green are immensely talented, but they will need shooters around them to realize their ultimate potential. Right now the best floor spacer on the Rockets is Christian Wood. Who ideally will also do his fair share of rim running. 

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The Rockets entered the offseason in desperate need of shooting and they let their best shooter walk for a pittance. Maybe Sterling Brown wanted to play for a contender? Maybe the Rockets should have given him a million more reasons to stay in Houston over Dallas. Whatever the reasons are, the Houston Rockets made a mistake not re-signing Sterling Brown.