Houston Rockets: 3 things we learned from pre-season

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What we learned from the Houston Rockets' pre-season #1: The Rockets are going to be bad, but exciting

The Rockets aren’t going to be good this season, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be worth watching. With Jalen Green, Kevin Porter Jr, and Christian Wood leading the attack, the Rockets are going to have moments where they look like an offensive juggernaut. 

Unfortunately, teams that rely on young guards are very rarely good. The Rockets had the second-most turnovers per game in the pre-season and shot the third-worst from 3-point range. With the Rockets’ backcourt rotation learning on the job, there will be some serious growing pains.

On the flip side, young guards are the most consistent bet to do something that makes your jaw drop. Kevin Porter Jr’s streaky 3-point shooting might hurt the Rockets in the win column but his handle and athleticism should lead to a bushel of amazing plays.  

Similarly, in the pre-season, Jalen Green showed that he’s capable of the amazing. He also showed that some nights he just won’t have it. He averaged 13.2 points per game on 34-percent shooting and it’ll get harder when the games actually start to count. 

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The pre-season confirmed what most analysts suspected, that the Rockets won’t win a bunch of games. However, it also confirmed that the Rockets will have enough exciting moments to make the season worth tuning in to.