Houston Rockets: 3 trades to land Cade Cunningham in the NBA Draft

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The Houston Rockets are reported to be in hot pursuit of the number one overall pick in the 2021 NBA draft. This means one thing, they believe that Cade Cunningham is a franchise-altering player. 

Cunningham is the consensus number one pick because he not only flashes MVP upside but also has an All-Star floor. When a team lands near the top of a draft, missing with a pick can be a backbreaker, and Cunningham is simply a can’t miss prospect

The beauty of Cunningham’s game is his versatility on both offense and defense. He can make just about any lineup tick, whether he’s initiating the offense or playing off the ball, he’s just as dangerous. His size, listed at 6’8, and athleticism will allow him to be a multi-positional defender in a league where defenses are increasingly reliant on switching.  

How much it will cost for the Houston Rockets to land Cade Cunningham

The Rockets are right to want him, but convincing the Pistons to move back a spot and give up a shot at Cunningham won’t come cheap. Earlier reports indicated that the Rockets engaged in talks to send Eric Gordon and either the 23rd or 24th pick to the Indiana Pacers for the 13th pick to bolster their offer to the Pistons. 

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While the deal sending Gordon to Indiana never materialized, it brings the Pistons’ asking price into focus. If the Rockets want to land the number one pick and Cade Cunningham, they’re going to need to offer the Pistons the 2nd pick, another lottery pick (top-16), and probably a little more to see a deal come to fruition. These are three trades the Rockets can make to land the number one pick and Cade Cunningham.